Home Learning May 25 2020

Posted: May 25, 2020

Hey Guys,


Hope you had a good weekend.  Fish count now up to 125.  They are really hitting!   


For this weeks assignment I would like you guys to do some research on the following wood joints: scarf joint, butt joint, mitre joint, mortise and tenon joint, pocket hole joint, dove tail joint, lap joint and biscuit joint.    For each of the joints please find:

A brief description. In your own words.

Who invented them

What tools you need to make these joints

Where would you find these joints being used  ex furniture, cabinets etc


Residential Finish


 I would like you guys to draw the elevation view of your house.  You can do it either on a computer aided program or draw by hand.  The drawing should include the front side, back side, left side and right side.  It should be detailed with siding windows doors and measurements.  If you can use the real measurements if not use a rough estimate.  Please take your time doing this drawing. It should be as neat as possible.   

Essential Skills

Continue working on your personal projects


If you have not selected courses for next year please get a hold of Mrs.Beckingham or Mrs.Harquail.


If you have any questions or need anything do not hesitate to get a hold of me.   


Get out and enjoy the nice weather.  Do not forget the virtual olympics starts today!


Mr. Doyle