Home Learning October 13 2020

Posted: October 13, 2020

Hello everyone,


Hopefully you had a good Thanksgiving weekend.    


For the next two days we will be doing home learning.


Essential Skills- Please continue doing your own projects and work. Please keep track in your book what you have been doing over the last few days.  If you need some work for outcomes please checkout the teams page or get ahold of me. 


Framing and Sheathing

For the next two days I would like you to focus on the Safety PowerPoint Presentation.  The directions are in the content page of the NBVHS site.  The Instructions are under the Safety Powerpoint assignment.  This is still due on Friday October 16 2020.


Mill and Cabinet

For the next two days i would like you to design your dream kitchen using a web design. I have put the assignment in the content tab under blue print reading.   Please be creative and submissions must be sent in on Wednesday by 5 PM. 


If you have not completed your safety PowerPoint as well as the Safety quizzes that was DUE FRIDAY OCTOBER 9. Please finish them over the next two days and submit online.  The quizzes can be found under quizzes tab.   The powerpoint directions can be found in the Content section under safety. Labelled Safety Power Point.



The link for NBVHS where all your assignments are located : https://nbvhs-nbed.brightspace.com/d2l/home

Stay Safe everyone. 


Mr. Doyle