June 1st Home Learning

Posted: June 1, 2020

Hi everyone,


Hopefully you are all still doing well!      


This weeks home learning assignment for RES Finish is to write a 600-750 word paper on either of the following subjects:  "Vinyl siding Vs Wood siding "  or "Steel , Clay or Asphalt shingels, Which is the best value for your money?

You will need to back up your findings using sources from the internet.  You should explain the pros and cons of each building material, find the cost per square foot for each material and compare.  You must also compare the Life expectancy of the material in years. You should also discuss the maintenace that needs to be done to these projects.    You will also need to prouve which material is the best material that lasts the longest and is worth the money.  For example if one product lasts 50 years but costs 3 times as much as another but the cheaper product only lasts 10 years. Which would you choose to install?


Mill and Cabinet

This week you will also have a research paper.  I would like you to do research and  write about different types of wood.  You must choose 3 of the following species of trees and write about their characteristics. What type of leaves they have, What type of bark they have, how long does it take to grow to be able to produce lumber from the tree.  Where can the trees be found?  Is there a shortage or abundance of the tree ?   Please site your sources on a separate page.      Tree species ( Blue Spruce, Sugar Mapple, Red Oak , White Pine)  


Essential Skills please continue working at your personal projects.


Have a great week.  If you need anything do not hesititate to get ahold of me.


Stay Safe.


Mr Doyle