Posted: October 27, 2020

Hello everyone please remember that the work for the class has been posted on NBVHS. This is the link to the site Please complete the work on the website as report cards are coming due and some owe quite a bit of work. If you have any issues or questions I can be reached by email at between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm
Login is nbss\ in front of your school login  password is the same as all school accounts. 
Assignments can be found in the drop box folder tab.    The due dates are on the right side of the screen. 
Framing and Sheathing  assignments that are past due
Safety Powerpoint
Framing practices questions
How to frame a floor questions
3 safety quizzes in the quizzes tab
Mill and Cabinet 
Safety Powerpoint
Web Based Kitchen Design
Career Exploration essay
How to build Face Frame cabinets questions. 
3 safety quizzes in the quizzes tab