DRHS Course Registration Guide 2021-22 ~updated May 14, 2021

Posted: May 17, 2021


The DRHS Course Registration Guide 2021-22 was updated on May 14, 2021. 

New Update~~ Policy 316: Graduation Requirements for a New Brunswick High School Diploma

As of September 2020, grade 10 students will be required to complete 18 credits for graduation in June of 2023, two of which must be Math credits. Numbers, Relations and Functions 10 (NRF) will be considered a credit and will be the pre-requisite for Foundations Math 110 and the Pre-Calculus 110 pathway. Furthermore, grade 10 students wishing to take Financial Workplace Math 110 (FWM 110) will also need to take Financial Workplace Math 120 to graduate in 2023, as the grade 12 FWM will be compulsory for this pathway. Students selecting the FWM pathway are not required to take NRF 10 in grade 10. Depending on scheduling they could opt to take FWM 110 or another grade 11 or 12 course in grade 10 second semester. The grade 11 or 12 course taken in grade 10 will be counted towards credits required for graduation.