Dalhousie Industrial Credit Union Bursary 2021

Posted: March 31, 2021

The Credit Union Ltd. is pleased to offer its customers and their children the opportunity of receiving its first year post-secondary bursary. The bursary, in the amount of $500.00, is awarded each year to a customer in good standing to help defray the cost of their dependent children’s first year of post-secondary study. A bursary will be awarded annually, to an applicant who has graduated, or whose graduation is pending, from Dalhousie Regional High School. The bursary will be made payable to the successful applicant and the institution being attended and will be forwarded directly to the institution for credit against the winner’s tuition. Consideration of applications will be based primarily on financial need and secondly on academic achievement and extracurricular involvement.

Application is attached. Applications are also available in the guidance center. 

All applications will be considered by the education committee but only the successful applicants will be notified of their decision. Deadline for applications is April 30 of each year. Each bursary will be awarded at the spring graduation where applicable

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