Snapshot of what I posted week 9

Posted: May 31, 2020

Hi everyone, hope everyone is still well and remaining as positive and healthy as possible. I just wanted to add a little note explaining what I posted this week for you to check out if you were interested. I posted the Bingo Card 9 (weekly assignment), where you will find all kinds of cool activities that you can try out. You can still join our class in Duolingo (look in the tab named documents in order to find the steps to follow to join the class).

I also added assignments in our Microsoft Team group for my French Immersion class of 6-7. Here you will be able to find suggested episode of ONIVA to watch followed by a few questions, a journal entry as well as a discussion board. If you have not joined yet, I posted all the steps to follow to join this team in the note tab, here on my teacher page.  

I have also assigned new lessons in Khan Academy. If you haven’t joined you can still join, the steps to follow are posted here on my teacher page as well. There are still a variety of websites that you could check out as well, go see the web links tab.

Remember all these activities are optional, they are meant to give you a variety of options. I will keep searching for challenging activities and resources, that I could post in the following weeks. Thanks again for your patience through all of this. I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care and have fun!

Please do not hesitate to give me feedback, or send me questions by email, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.