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Student Financial Services 2022-2023 File student_financial_services.docx May 31, 2022
DRHS Course Registration Guide 2022-2023 File course_registration_guide_2022-2023.docx March 30, 2022
Student Financial Assistance/ Student Loan PDF icon student_financial_assistance_aide_financiere_aux_etudiants.pdf March 22, 2022
STORWELL Bursary PDF icon storwell_bursary_2022.pdf March 17, 2022
IWK Research Scholarship Application 2022 PDF icon iwk_research_scholarship_application_2022.pdf September 29, 2021
Student Loan presentation 2021 PDF icon student_loan_presentation_for_2021-2022_loan_year-english.pdf March 17, 2021
New Brunswick Teen Apprentice Program Information PDF icon image2019-10-15-080402_1.pdf October 27, 2020
Carleton University PDF icon image2019-10-15-074105.pdf October 27, 2020
STFX University Information PDF icon image2019-10-15-052812.pdf October 27, 2020
University of Prince Edward Island Virtual INFO Sessions PDF icon image2019-10-15-045940.pdf October 27, 2020
Bishops University Informational Quick Links PDF icon general_info.pdf October 27, 2020
Contendo Training Solutions Bursary 2020 PDF icon contendo_training_solutions_bursary_-_drhs_-_2020.pdf May 26, 2020
Port of Dalhousie Inc. Scholarship PDF icon 2020_scholarship_form.pdf May 26, 2020
Industrial Credit Union Limited First Year Post Secondary Bursary Microsoft Office document icon english_cover_and_application.doc May 14, 2020
Ron MacDonald Memorial Scholarship PDF icon ron_macdonald_memorial_scholarship.pdf May 12, 2020
The Village of Belledune High School Bursary File village_of_belledune_high_school_bursary.docx May 12, 2020
The Nicholas Guitard Scholarship File nicholas_guitard_technology_bursary.docx May 12, 2020
The Marlaine Roberts Memorial Scholarship File the_marlaine_roberts_memorial_scholarship.docx May 12, 2020
Thomas Hayes Memorial Scholarship PDF icon thomas_hayes_memorial_scholarship.pdf May 12, 2020
Dalhousie Rotary Club Bursary "The Ralph Harrigan Rotary Bursary" Microsoft Office document icon bursary_application_-2020.doc May 12, 2020
Oulton Memorial Scholarship/ Oulton College PDF icon 2020-oulton-college-scholarship-application-form-.pdf May 11, 2020
Opportunities NB- The NB Proud Award File https.docx May 11, 2020
NB Aboriginal Peoples Council Local 18, 2020 PDF icon nb_aborigionals_peoples_council_local_18.pdf May 11, 2020
The Dalhousie Youngtimers Bursary File http.docx May 7, 2020
The Eel River Crossing Fire Department Scholarship PDF icon fr-05052020.pdf May 6, 2020