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Posted: October 27, 2020

Hello everyone please remember that the work for the class has been posted on NBVHS. This is the link to the site Please complete the work on the website as report cards are coming due and some owe quite a bit of work. If you have any issues or questions I can be reached by email at between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm
Login is nbss\ in front of your school login  password is the same as all school accounts. 
Assignments can be found in the drop box folder tab.    The due dates are on the right side of the screen. 
Framing and Sheathing  assignments that are past due
Safety Powerpoint
Framing practices questions
How to frame a floor questions
3 safety quizzes in the quizzes tab
Mill and Cabinet 
Safety Powerpoint
Web Based Kitchen Design
Career Exploration essay
How to build Face Frame cabinets questions. 
3 safety quizzes in the quizzes tab 

Posted: October 23, 2020

Hello Everyone,


Just a reminder that the assignments for today have been uploaded to NBVHS.   They are in the drop box section. They are due today at 5pm. 


If you have any issues please let me know.


Have a great Weekend and Stay Safe!



Posted: October 22, 2020

This is a reminder that all assignments have been put on the nbvhs website. The assignments for the last two days are due today at 5pm.  

If you have any questions please let me know.


Stay Safe!



Posted: October 13, 2020

Hello everyone,


Hopefully you had a good Thanksgiving weekend.    


For the next two days we will be doing home learning.


Essential Skills- Please continue doing your own projects and work. Please keep track in your book what you have been doing over the last few days.  If you need some work for outcomes please checkout the teams page or get ahold of me. 


Framing and Sheathing

For the next two days I would like you to focus on the Safety PowerPoint Presentation.  The directions are in the content page of the NBVHS site.  The Instructions are under the Safety Powerpoint assignment.  This is still due on Friday October 16 2020.


Mill and Cabinet

For the next two days i would like you to design your dream kitchen using a web design. I have put the assignment in the content tab under blue print reading.   Please be creative and submissions must be sent in on Wednesday by 5 PM. 


If you have not completed your safety PowerPoint as well as the Safety quizzes that was DUE FRIDAY OCTOBER 9. Please finish them over the next two days and submit online.  The quizzes can be found under quizzes tab.   The powerpoint directions can be found in the Content section under safety. Labelled Safety Power Point.



The link for NBVHS where all your assignments are located :

Stay Safe everyone. 


Mr. Doyle 


Hi everyone,


Hope youre doing well.   This is the final week of home learning for the 2019-2020 school year.    


This weeks topic will be safety.   I know most of you have picked up some part time jobs or will be starting part time jobs in the near future.  It is very important for you to be careful while at work.    I would like you to watch the following video about young workers.  Some of the images may be grafic or gross but remember it is a dramitization of real events.   Accidents can happen and it is important to be careful and ask for training if you are unsure how to do your work duties properly and safely.  


After watching the video I would like you to answer the questions attached and make a list of your duties at work and what type of PPE must be worn during those tasks.  Some of your jobs may require more PPE than others. 

Here is the video



Questions for LOST Youth


1.What is the leading cause to accidents in young workers

2.What are the 3 rights as a worker

3.Who were the injured in this video?

4.What could have been done to prevent all of these accidents?

5.What are some steps you can take as a young worker to prevent injury or death?

6.How would you change the statistics of young workers injured at work?


Congrats Grads Of 2020!!

Have a great summer!  Stay Safe!


Mr. Doyle


Posted: June 1, 2020

Hi everyone,


Hopefully you are all still doing well!      


This weeks home learning assignment for RES Finish is to write a 600-750 word paper on either of the following subjects:  "Vinyl siding Vs Wood siding "  or "Steel , Clay or Asphalt shingels, Which is the best value for your money?

You will need to back up your findings using sources from the internet.  You should explain the pros and cons of each building material, find the cost per square foot for each material and compare.  You must also compare the Life expectancy of the material in years. You should also discuss the maintenace that needs to be done to these projects.    You will also need to prouve which material is the best material that lasts the longest and is worth the money.  For example if one product lasts 50 years but costs 3 times as much as another but the cheaper product only lasts 10 years. Which would you choose to install?


Mill and Cabinet

This week you will also have a research paper.  I would like you to do research and  write about different types of wood.  You must choose 3 of the following species of trees and write about their characteristics. What type of leaves they have, What type of bark they have, how long does it take to grow to be able to produce lumber from the tree.  Where can the trees be found?  Is there a shortage or abundance of the tree ?   Please site your sources on a separate page.      Tree species ( Blue Spruce, Sugar Mapple, Red Oak , White Pine)  


Essential Skills please continue working at your personal projects.


Have a great week.  If you need anything do not hesititate to get ahold of me.


Stay Safe.


Mr Doyle





Posted: May 25, 2020

Hey Guys,


Hope you had a good weekend.  Fish count now up to 125.  They are really hitting!   


For this weeks assignment I would like you guys to do some research on the following wood joints: scarf joint, butt joint, mitre joint, mortise and tenon joint, pocket hole joint, dove tail joint, lap joint and biscuit joint.    For each of the joints please find:

A brief description. In your own words.

Who invented them

What tools you need to make these joints

Where would you find these joints being used  ex furniture, cabinets etc


Residential Finish


 I would like you guys to draw the elevation view of your house.  You can do it either on a computer aided program or draw by hand.  The drawing should include the front side, back side, left side and right side.  It should be detailed with siding windows doors and measurements.  If you can use the real measurements if not use a rough estimate.  Please take your time doing this drawing. It should be as neat as possible.   

Essential Skills

Continue working on your personal projects


If you have not selected courses for next year please get a hold of Mrs.Beckingham or Mrs.Harquail.


If you have any questions or need anything do not hesitate to get a hold of me.   


Get out and enjoy the nice weather.  Do not forget the virtual olympics starts today!


Mr. Doyle 

Hey eveyone,

Hope you all had a great long weekend!   So Far the fish count is up to 15 so far in case you were wondering.  

For this weeks assignment I would like you guys to get creative!   I am looking to build a patio/bbq area in my back yard.    The assignment is for you to design this patio hangout.  

You must draw the blue prints, give a list of materials and total price of the materials.    You can draw the blue prints by hand on paper or by using computer software. Some free  easy to use software is SketchUp .   To calculate your prices you may use the cart option will total up the amount. 

The criteria of the patio :

1. Needs to have a screened in area to sit out of the flies.  Part of the deck does not need a screened area because I want to Bbq in that area. 

2.  Size needs to be 12ft x 16ft

3. The blue prints must have an arial view, and elevation view of all sides.  The dimensions must be listed on all parts of the deck. 

Browse the internet to get some ideas if you need to.    The best design will be used in the actual build. I will be accepting ideas until Monday May 25th at 4pm.  If you need any help with this project please email me and I will answer any questions you have.


Hope you're all doing well.  If you need anything or just want to say hey do not hesitate to get a hold of me!


Have a great week, get outside and enjoy the nice weather coming!


Mr. Doyle 


Posted: May 10, 2020

Residential finish Story pole and Siding installation process questions


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