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Bonjour!  It's hard to believe we are June already and this is our last week of home learning.  I know this is not how any of us wanted to end the year and home learning has been a challenge.  Although I will be making home calls this week to my homeroom, I just want to wish you all a fabulous summer and look forward to seeing you all in the future or maybe even at the beach this summer.  Stay safe, be kind to others and take time for you.  We live in a beautiful area, explore and enjoy.  Remember that you can also reach out to me over summer.  Miss you all.  Here are your last lessons:

7/8 immersion FILA/Social Studies- You are Prime Minister, write a speech to your country in French on what you will do as Prime Minister of Canada. 

6 Science- Go on a nature walk and take pictures of as many animal prints as you can. Ask your parents to help identify them or go to the following website:

Bonjour!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and is getting active outside.  Here is this weeks lessons:

7/8 immersion: Go to or find a picture in your home.  Write a paragraph, page, story (it’s your choice) in French of what is happening in the photograph.  Share it with a family member. 

6 Science: Grow certain foods yourself. You can grow them from scraps that you would normally throw away. Here is a link to a website that could give you a few ideas that you might like to try out or simply research for tips to grow your favorite fruit of vegetable. 

Have a great week!  

Bonjour!  7/8 immersion, I will be inviting you to a video meeting on Teams on Wednesday at 4pm.  Just open your school e-mail and click join.  Hope to see many faces.  This weeks lessons:

7/8 FILA/Social Studies- 

Design your own culture themed crossword puzzle in French.  

6 Science:

Watch an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy on youtube or netflix and journal on what you learned.  

Don't forget about the virtual olympics.  Get outside, get active and enjoy this beautiful weather.  


Posted: May 19, 2020

Bonjour!  Hope everyone had a great week.  7/8 immersion: I am hoping to have our class meeting today at 3 so check your e-mail for the invite and click join around 2:55.  I have still not received everyone's e-mail so please send to me asap so I can invite you to our chat today.  

Here are this weeks lessons: 

7/8 FILA/Social Studies- Write a letter to a friend in cursive about how your life has changed during this pandemic.  Do a paragraph on the positive, a paragraph on the negatives, and a paragraph on content of your own choice.  Take a photo of the letter with your phone and send it to a friend. 

6 Science- Go to this site and do the weekly challenge for grade 6-8. Have fun. 

Posted: May 11, 2020

Hope everyone had a wonderful mother’s day. Students in my 7/8 homeroom, please send me your school e-mail to and check your e-mail often for updates. I will be sending out an invite for a video conference next week. Here is this weeks lessons:

7/8 FILA/social studies- watch a movie in French and write about the characters and the plot (beginning, middle and end). Also write an alternate ending. Everything must be written in French.

6 science- everyone has a right to clean drinking water. Venture out in nature to collect some water from a local, natural water source. Take note what your water looks like. Your challenge is to build a water filtration system to turn dirty or salty water into clean water. Be safe and don’t taste the water! Make visual bservations and compare. Have fun!

Posted: May 4, 2020

Week 5 of home learning! I am hoping to do a video class with my 7/8 immersion next week so stay tuned for an invite as soon as I figure it out. I would just like us to all see each other and have a chat. Here is this weeks lessons.

7/8 immersion- design your own game using household items/materials. Write out the rules and how to play in French. Invite people in your bubble to play. Have fun! Here are a couple of reading resources as well that you can try out:

6 Science-try three different was to make ice cubes melT, without using heat. Hint: try kitchen ingredients. Document which one works best to melt ice. 

Posted: April 28, 2020

We are already in week 4 of our home learning and hope everyone is adjusting well.  I really enjoy touching base with you all weekly but would rather be in class with you all. Hope you are all staying healthy and active as possible. Here is the weeks lessons and remember, you can reach out anytime.

Gr 6 Science- this weeks challenge is to build a windmill with items around your home. There are lots of school project windmill ideas on Youtube. Be creative and have fun!

7/8 FILA/Social Studies- watch a movie in French and write about the culture in the movie. Talk about clothing, the music, the food, the accents, the environment etc.


Have a great week!

Posted: April 6, 2020

Bonjour! Week 3 Lessons. 

7/8 FILA/Social Studies- Please try to read, speak, and/or write 30 minutes everyday (I don't want you to lose your French over the next few months). This week you will continue to work on your time capsules. Hope you are enjoying this lesson. I would also like you to create an account on this site,, where you will have access to many different reading books at all levels. 

6 Science-  Find an interesting fact each day of the week about a wildlife animal in North America and write them down in a journal. Draw a picture of the animal. 

Stay tuned next Monday for new lessons.  Have a great week everyone and stay safe.  Message me anytime.  My e-mail is  

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