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I want to personally congratulate all of you on enduring this novel experience during these times of uncertainty and change.  I can't imagine going through this experience at your age.  You should all be deeply proud of yourselves for following through with your home learning objectives these past 10 weeks.  Enjoy your summer.  Stay healthy and take some time to appreciate those moments you have with family and loved ones.  God bless.  Love, Mr. MacCurdy.

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Posted: June 1, 2020

Enjoy this week's problem of the week, which involves running and rates.  Hint the answer is above 10 km/h.  If you have a chance go for a 1 km or 2 km run.  We all ran that distance during our cross-country running outing at school this past Fall.  

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It's the first day of June!  We've included lots of activities for you to enjoy once again on all subject areas.  Looking forward to hearing from you all today.  Take some time during our rainy days this week to try some extra home learning activities.  Stay safe and stay healthy!

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Week 8!  Can you believe it?  The journey continues.  I hope you are all enjoying the learning activities we present to you each week.  We enjoy creating them for your learning pleasure.  Don't forget to sign up for the ASD-N olympics on Mrs. Durette's teacher page.  Kelly, Cameron, Addyson, and I are signing up!

Stay safe, stay healthy.  Talk to you soon!

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Hey all, Really enjoyed some of my chats with you this past week.  In some cases I missed you and left a message.  If you need to contact me you can call 686-3276.  I'll be posting the three winning participants and their suggested names given in their persuasive writing pieces this week as it appears lambing is done.  Please enjoy the activities we have put together for you this week.  Mr. MacCurdy will be calling this week and asking you about a favourite activity that you have done on the home learning activity card.  Missing all of you, stay safe.

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Welcome to week 6 of home learning.  I hope you are enjoying the assortment of learning activities that we (Mlle. Arseneault, Mrs. Harquaill, and Mr. MacCurdy) have been providing.  we enjoy coming up wtih new activities each week for you to learn.  in the past couple weeks we are introducing new content that we had not covered at school this past school year.  If some of the activities are giving you problems or you would like some constructive feedback on your work, do not hesitate to send a photo or document of your work.

Have a great week! Stay safe and healthy.

Mr. Mac

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Posted: May 8, 2020

This week's problem will involve some creative thinking and problem solving skills to determine the relative lengths of sides on shapes.  

Have fun!  Answers will be posted next week.

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Posted: May 5, 2020

Please go to the DRHS 2019-2020 FB page to see an image of the solution.  Lay a nail on it's side. Alternatively place nails with the head of the nail near the nail that you have laid on it's side.  Add the 11th nail on top of the nails.  Pick it all up and balance it on the head of the nail.  Make sure none of the nails are touching the board.

Welcome to week 5 of home learning.  We have another full card of home learning activities for you to try.  Remember to try and do 2 hours of work each day along with 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of physical activity.  It's May and the weather is starting to warm up nicely so spend some quality time getting some sunlight and fresh air.  Stay safe an healthy everyone. 

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Posted: April 30, 2020

Hi all.  Last week's POTW has two solutions.  214 + 329 = 543 and 244 + 329 = 573.  Both sums are divisible by 3.   Enjoy this week's POTW.

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