Ms. J. Beckingham

Home learning activities and assignments for 9/10 FILA; 10 Social Studies; Hospitality & Tourism 110

Hello everyone,

This is your last week of at home learning. I hope you all have a great summer and I miss you all very much!!!

As your last assignment you have the choice to choose any of the projects listed below. Some of them you may have already been assigned so please choose something new and that interests you!

Project Ideas: 

 All projects have a tourism-related theme. Use your imagination and have fun!!

1. Create a theme poster advertising your town or area.

2. Write and illustrate a rhyme about a tourist site or activity in your area.

3. Write a song about the Ganong Candy Factory, or a tourist-related industry in your area.

4. Construct an illustrated map of your town or area.

5. Create a character portrait (imaginary, famous, historical, friend, family) of someone that is living, or has lived, in your town or area.

6. Design a book cover including the back jacket “blurb” and front illustration for a tourism-related topic.

7. Do a comic strip.

8. Create the front page of a newspaper.

9. Write and present a skit.

10. Prepare a radio or TV travel talk show.

11. Prepare and illustrate a menu of New Brunswick favourites.

12. Design a CD cover for your New Brunswick band.


13. Write the commentary for a fashion show from the past.

14. Design a theme park.

15. Design a Hospitality and Tourism 110 postcard with the course overview/description included on the back. 

16. Design a travel trivia game.

17. Create a travel album or pamphlet.

18. Create a photo essay.

19. Write and present a commercial.

20. Create a large poster-size crossword puzzle.

21. Create a theme mobile.

22. As a child, write a limerick for your mother emphasizing the problems of travelling with a child.

23. As Romeo, write a poem for Juliet outlining your honeymoon travels.

24. As a Martian, write a list for a fellow Martian, informing him of your visit to your town or area.

25. As King Arthur, write an informal talk for the Knights of the Round Table describing the defence of the St. Croix River.

26. As the International Bridge, describe the importance of maintaining the connection between Canada and the United States.

27. As a pioneer child, write a series of journal entries describing life in New Brunswick in the 1800’s.

28. Describe life in the St. Croix Valley in the year 2050.

29. As a French explorer in 1604, write a journal entry describing Saint Croix Island.

30. As a Chicken Bone, write a poem for your friend the Palomine Bar telling of your unique qualities.

31. As a set of golf clubs, describe the event of your most important match.

32. As a pair of sneakers, write a walking tour of your town or area.

33. Write a cover letter to the manager at a VIC explaining why you are an ideal candidate for a job as a travel counsellor. 

 34. Plan a theme cruise. 

Bonjour mes ami(e)s!!

C'est la dernière semaine pour le travail en-ligne à la maison. J'espère que vous passez un bon été avec votre famille et vos ami(e)s! Je vous aimes beaucoup!!

Pour le dernier travail je veux que vous écrivez une histore que vous pouvez rencontrer à vos enfants (ou famille) dans l'avenir de ce temps étrange dans votre vie!


Écrivez ce que vous allez faire pendant l'été et vos buts pour l'année scolaire prochaine.

(Longeur: Deux pages.)

Hello everyone,

This is your last week of at home learning. I hope you all have a great summer and I miss you all very much!!

Please view the youtube video below "Ancient History Timeline" as a way to summarize the course.

Also, below you will find a list of gods, goddesses, human beings and creatures from Greek Mythology.  Select one to do a research project on answering the following questions:

-If you selected a god or goddess, please indicate what he or she is the god or goddess of, and what special powers they possess.

-Your character might be considered a demigod or half-god.  A lot of Greek gods liked to have love affairs with human beings, which created superior human beings.  If you have selected a character that is a demigod what is his or her special power? Who are his or her parents?

-If you have selected a creature or a human being you must find out the story behind them.  Why are they imporatnt? What is unique about them?

-What moral was learned from a story associated with your character from mythology? (A brief summary of a story associated with your your character).

-Why did the Greeks (and people from other nations) come up with these myths?  Why do you think these stories still exist today?

(Lenght of assignement: Should be at least one page single spaced or two pages double-spaced).

List of characters:




Helen of Troy







































Hello everyone!

This week for at home learning I want you to finish the following sentence: If I had a $100 billion to spend on upgrading my community, I would ….

Please write at least 1 full page and feel free to email me your finish product at (this is not required, only optional) as I would love to know all your ideas!

Hope you have a great first week of June. Take care and stay safe!!

Good morning everyone,

This week for at home learning you will be discovering the World of Ancient ROME!!!!

Please read attentively the 2 powerpoint attachments below about Ancient Roman Geography and the Roman Republic.

To take it further you may look up videos regarding Ancient Rome and some of the key people that are mentioned in the notes.

I hope you all have a great first week of June! Miss you all.

Bonjour mes ami(e)s,

Cette semaine vous allez utiliser les documents ci-dessous pour continuer d'améliorer votre compréhension de lecture et votre écriture.

J'espère que vous avez une bonne première semaine de juin!

Je suis toujours là pour vous si vous avez des questions ou vous voulez simplement me parler!:)

Hello everyone,

This week you will work on a project and get to use your creativty, which is very much an asset in the Hospitality & Tourism industry.

You will create a theme poster advertising your town or area. If you are someone who loves to draw and wants to take it further another option is to design your very own theme park!

Have fun and take advantage of this beautiful weather! I miss you all.


Bonjour mes ami(e)s,

Cette semaine je veux que vous m'écrivez une lettre en français pour me renconter ce que vous êtes en train de faire pour passer le temps. Ce n'ai pas obligé mais j'aimerais lire vos lettre, alors vous pouvez les envoyer à mon courriel

Miss you all so much!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

This week you will be doing a reading about Ancient Egypt's view on the Creation of the world.

Once you have read the attached document please consider how it relates to your own beliefs.

I hope you all take advantage of the beautiful weather!:)

Miss you.


Hello everyone,

I hope all is well!

This week's assignment for home learning is to create a way to market an aspect of tourism within your own community. The emphasis is on the marketing mix. For example, restaurants, new construction, walking tours etc. 

You could also take it further and create a marketable souvenir for visiting tourists. 

Have a great week!:)





Week 1- 10 Social Studies assignment