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Posted: September 18, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the AARAO school tour will be a virtual tour for DRHS from September 21st to Sept 25th. We are encouraging high school students to do their research on Post-Secondary Education providers in the Atlantic Region. 
To help to direct their search, students are to use as a spring-board to begin their searches! If a student has specific questions regarding post-secondary schools, the schools' guidance counselor, Mrs. Harquail, can also help to direct the student to university/college representatives to have specific questions answered. 
If you have any concerns regarding the AARAO Virtual tour feel free to contact Mrs. Harquail at 684-7500 or email her at

Bursary Value: $1,000.00 

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: 1. Students must be graduates of High School for the current year of application. 2. Students must, in the fall, attend a university, community college or any approved institute of learning full time. The program must be at least one year in duration. 3. Preference will be given to applicants planning to study computer science, programming, graphic design, or animation. 4. The bursaries will be based on academic performance, financial need, contribution to school and community and involvement in extra-curricular activities. 5. Students must provide proof of enrollment to their selected post-secondary institute.

This application and attachments must be provided by June 12th, 2020, to the office and attention of: Ms. Colleen Harquail, Guidance Counsellor Dalhousie Regional High School. Applications can be emailed to or mailed to Colleen Harquail, Dalhousie Regional High School, 500 canada Games Drive, Dalhousie, NB, E8C 2P5

Application deadline: June 5, 2020

This scholarship will be awarded to one student who is accepted in Business at the post-secondary level.

Scholarship Value: $500

Please submit your application and the required documents (listed on application form, see attachment) to the Port of Dalhousie. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, documents for this year must be submitted via email (

PDF icon 2020_scholarship_form.pdf487.18 KB

Posted: May 26, 2020


1) Interested in pursuing Education (teaching), as a career choice (if applicable)

2) A well-deserving student

3) 4th or 5th inline academically and financial need

Value: $200

Due to COVID-19 no application will be required. The DRHS Scholarship Committee will select the recipient based on the criteria listed above.

Posted: May 26, 2020


The graduate must be attending college to further their studies in an education program; a suitable candidate will be selected if no student meets the criteria. 

Value: $100

Due to COVID-19 no application will be required. The recipient will be selected by the DRHS Scholarship Committee based on the criteria.

Scholarship amount: $1000.00 

The conditions and regulations governing this award are listed below.

 1) Students must be a graduate of Dalhousie Regional High School for the current year of application.

 2) The applicant must have attended Jacquet River School.

 3) The award will be based on financial need and reasonable achievement in high school.

 4) The award is tenable at any post-secondary institution including Community College or University, providing attendance is full-time.

Due to COVID-19 no application is required. The recipient will be selected by the DRHS Scholarship Committee.

Consideration of applications will be based primarily on financial need and secondly on academic achievement and extra-curricular involvement.

Bursary amount $500

Submission deadline: June 15th 

Microsoft Office document icon english_cover_and_application.doc30.5 KB

Review the criteria outlined on the scholarship application before applying.

Value: $300

The scholarship will be disbursed upon receipt of proof of registration at a post-secondary institute.

Attach a current high school transcript and scholarship resume to your application.

Deadline: May 31st, 2020~ mail application to C. Harquail, 500 Canada Games Drive, Dalhousie, NB E8C 2P5

No application required.

Criteria: Must live within the limits of the Village of Belledune, which includes Jacquet River, Mitchell, Archibald, Noel and the Armstrong Brook area.

Awarded to the graduate with the highest academic standing.

Bursary Value: $500

Posted: May 12, 2020

The recipient of this bursary will be a graduating DRHS student who is in need of financial assistance and will be attending NBCC (English College System) in a two year technology program or a university engineering program.

Strong academic record and extra-curricular involvement is an asset.

No application required.

Award Value: $200.00



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